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Careers at Katie Bard

Why have an OK job, when you can have a progressive career?

Recruitment consultancy is an increasingly professional and highly regarded career option and, in turn, has become more competitive and challenging.

At Katie Bard, our consultants thrive on competition and challenge because we have always demanded, developed and delivered professionalism in supplying an unparalleled quality of service.

We have created an environment to work in which is special and unique. Our ethos is built on an empowered structure, a great product, and a defined career development path. We offer responsibility, work flexibility and the prospect of a rewarding and wealthy future.

Career opportunities with Katie Bard and the Angela Mortimer Plc Group start at graduate level or equivalent. We also welcome ambitious candidates on their way up and experienced recruiters at every level.

Your progression and career development will be in your own control. For dynamic and committed consultants, it’s possible to earn in excess of £100k per year. Our earning potential is more generous than any other established firm because of our participative reward structure.