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How do we get it right more often? We work harder and dig deeper.

In an increasingly competitive world, it’s the quality and commitment of your people that can make the crucial difference. Katie Bard represents the very best office support candidates across the Midlands. We interview over 150 newly registered candidates each week; a result of select advertising, targeted referral incentives and visits to universities and colleges.

When you ask us for someone, the first thing we will want to do is visit you. We believe it’s important to get to know your firm, the way it operates and its culture.

You will be assigned an account manager who, together with their team, will provide you access to all of the candidates registered with us; making it almost certain to find the candidate you never knew existed.

In depth interviews are carried out with our candidates, and we explore all of the different dynamics for the best potential matches to your organisation. We keep our shortlists short so that everyone we send you will be outstanding.

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Whether it’s temporary or permanant recruitment, payroll or training and events, discover what services we can offer you.

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