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A consultancy service tailored to your needs.

The team of expert consultants at Katie Bard excel in supporting each of our clients, attracting the best talent to join your organisations.

When working with new companies, we aim to establish a relationship that will ensure a consistent, tailored service is delivered at all times. We initially visit each of our clients in person, to develop an understanding of the culture and dynamic of your company, allowing us to present you with candidates whose values and ambitions align with yours.

We utilise targeted advertising and recruitment campaign strategies to tap into a broader candidate market for the various positions we cover. Each and every candidate shortlisted for a role, is first interviewed in detail by one of our experienced consultants, covering prior experience and knowledge, qualifications and suitability.

With a dedicated Account Manager as your point of contact, they will also be able to provide insights into market trends, competitor activity, and candidate expectations. From salary benchmarking, to advice on re-scoping roles, the consultative approach allows you as an organisation to receive up-to-date feedback on how you are presenting as an employer in the market. We aim to provide a well-rounded service, from suitable candidates to market knowledge that will support the growth of your company long-term.

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