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Our CV

When we started in 1976, we were convinced that ‘small is beautiful’. And indeed it has many advantages. A greater commitment, more personal service.

But we soon realised that if we were bigger, we would have more clients to offer to our candidates. And more candidates to choose from for our clients.

So we decided to grow by multiplying the ‘small is beautiful’ concept with individual teams who would run their own businesses, and share the profits they make. But who would also benefit from access to the company’s record of candidates and clients. And benefit from sharing resources like marketing.

It’s the best of both worlds for you too. You get the dedication of a small, highly committed team, led by someone you have direct access to. But that team has a huge pool of candidates they can draw on, and the ability to recruit around the UK – and indeed even Europe.

The concept of ‘small within big’ has worked extremely well. We’ve grown small businesses within our organisation, and have also bought others who operate within the group but under their name. What they all share is the same philosophy, the same approach, and the same determination.

This progressive formula not only keeps knowledge and experience within the organisation. It also exemplifies what we have always believed, namely:

The best way to grow your company is to grow your people.